This all started with the first owner of the current Hotel Rural Alves, Manoel Alves, married to Maria Teresa de Oliveira, who built the first stone house. Three children were the fruit of their marriage: João Baptista Alves, Francisco Alves and Manuel Joaquim Alves.

The eldest son, John Baptista Alves was the heir of all the family’s wealth, including Casa Alves de Torneiros, current Hotel Rural Alves, registered for the first time in 1881.


It’s during this generation, that this place gets the name of Lugar de Torneiros (taps in Portuguese), because Manoel and his sons manufactured lathes / taps for pipes here. Currently the name is almost the same - Travessa de Torneiros.


João Baptista Alves had no children, although being married 2 times. On the other hand, his brother Francisco, married to Maria Teresa Costa had four children: Joao Alves da Costa, Antonio Alves da Costa, Ana Alves da Costa and Manuel Alves da Costa.


Since João Alves da Costa was the nephew and godson of his uncle Joao Baptista Alves, who had no children, he was the heir to all his property, including Casa Alves de Torneiros. Joao Alves da Costa, inherits all the assets when still single, so he decides to change his name to Joao Baptista Alves, honoring his godfather and paternal family name ALVES.


Since then Joao Alves da Costa, also known by Joao Baptista Alves, was the 3rd owner of the House.


Joao was a “owner” by occupation (which was actually an occupation, back in those days). He was devoted to the cultivation of his lands, including maize, wheat, rye and flax and white, green and red wine production. We was also a lover of hunting. He usually hunted wild rabbit, hare and partridge. He had an average of 12 purebred dogs, retrievers and greyhounds. He also devoted to mining, in order to get plenty of water for his property. He was a true working man!


He married Emilia Ferreira Dias, with whom he had four children (Manuel Joaquim José Augusto, Ana Maria and Maria Augusta). The oldest son Manuel was the heir of this house.


Manuel Joaquim Dias Alves after being established economically, by opening a famous bakery, marries Albertina Machado da Silva Gomes, also the daughter of a land owner, Domingos Gomes. These two, Manuel and Albertina, are  the 4th owners of Casa Alves de Torneiros, and they had four children (Joao Antonio, Fernando Manuel, Maria Celeste and Maria Emilia). They never lived in this house, the current Hotel Alves. Instead they had some couple maintaining the house and the land. The curiosity about this, it that every family that ever lived in this House was name after it, for example a girl named Laurinda Matos, was known by Laurinda Alves, cause their parents were the ones running the house at the time. Hence the name  "Hotel Rural Alves / Casa Alves de Torneiros".


By mutual agreement between all, Manuel Alves Gomes and Albertina, donated this beautiful house to their daughters, Maria Celeste and Maria Emilia, who decided to gift their father with the recovery of this house, since they realize how much he would be proud. Having both an engineering PHD, they decided to embrace this activity. And today, these two entrepreneur women, are very proud of having done so, cause it’s something they do with much love.