Our chef Celeste Alves, who inherited from her grandmother, Granny Emilia, the taste for cuisine and her cookbook, will bring you to the beginnings of Portuguese cuisine. She will cook typical Portuguese dishes and granny special dishes. You will surely be surprised by the richeness of her delicacies, made in a wood oven.

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braga, restaurante, jantar, especialidades, bacalhau, polvo, ementa
braga, jantar, restaurante, noite, forno lenha, especialidade
 Avo Emilia's Kitchen

Hotel Rural Alves’ restaurant was named in honor of our Grandmother Emilia, whose culinary experiences always delighted our family


Learn about our delicious specialties, which were a heritage from our granny Emilia, and make your reservation.

Show Cooking

Every Friday, in Avo Emilia Restaurant, we will have a show cooking. Our chef will cook for you the most delicious traditional dishes from Portugal.

Get to know everything about our concept and menus.