Avo Emilia Restaurant



Our grandmother was always an extraordinary Cook. It was so easy to observe her while she cooked… with eyes wide open and attentive hears, I listened to her stories while felt the voluptuous smell of her food. I could feel its taste before even knowing what it was.


With her I learned how to cook. How to turn each ingredient in an individual flavor, that later would combine perfectly with all the other, in a delicious combination.


Granny Emilia taught me that there is no time in the kitchen, no limits. The cook only is. In that space called kitchen, anything can happen, there is no impossible, no wrong combination.


That’s why this restaurant is a tribute to my grandmother, who was a true Cook. Humbly, I will try to reproduce her recipes, that she taught me with so much dedication, and will cook them in a wood oven, so everything can get a genuine taste.


All the specialties will be served in our cozy restaurant, placed in our hotel. The granite walls and the crackling fireplace will create the environment to taste the portuguese tradition.


I invite you to come here to taste my dishes and I promise you a gastronomic experience of Minho (North of Portugal).

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Chef Celeste Alves